There’s a Silver Lining

This weekend was the annual Valley Artists Studio Tour (VAST), wherein about two dozen artists open our studios to visitors for two days in hopes that a steady stream of people will come through and each of them will happily depart with a painting. Twenty or so very nice folks looked at my original works and some opted for small prints.  They’ve been exposed to my work and may return someday to own a Gertenbach original.

My website maestro presented me with his vision of how things should ideally be for my studio tour. Maybe next year.

However, there’s a silver lining to the VAST event. I always hire someone to help me sort, clean, and reorganize my studio before the tour. For many days, weeks, and sometimes months thereafter I know exactly where everything is and am, therefore, far more productive as I contentedly work there. The studio always seems bigger for a while, more floor space, less random order. Painting beautiful oils is my passion and this passion overrides striving daily to defeat that worked-in look where some things are out of their appointed places with a few paintings leaning against the walls awaiting frames. With everything looking so perfect, perhaps I’ll turn on some good music in the studio, pull up a chair and enjoy the ambiance.

Now if there were only an event that would create an immediate need to totally organize the myriad art related images that are in folders all over my internal and external hard drives.

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My Enhanced Blog Site – Exciting

This new format for my blog site offers more flexibility to keep you posted on what’s on my mind – as well as on my easel.

Column entries on the right help as does the capability of displaying four separate subjects at the bottom of each blog. My entry in the 100th Anniversary Show of the California Art Club, Amalfi Coastline, is offered for sale in one of them.

Two entries painted in France last year were in the Addison Gallery Show in June on Cape Cod, which I flew back for (below).

I’ve been extremely busy this summer with shows, painting, conducting workshops and have not found time to document my exciting times in blog form. I’ll try find a way to squeeze out some time to let my friends, colleagues, galleries, and collectors know some of the things happening in my world of impressionist painting. Below is my most recent Big Sur painting inspired on a recent trip to Carmel.

"Central Coast Gold" - Big Sur 40 X 30

• • •

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